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Perfect example of South Florida Summer weather. Sunny and bright on one side and downpour darkness on the other. #typical #ugh

Having peanut allergies royally screws me from being able to have yummy treats like Nutella or Reese’s! Was super spooked to try this at first but so good!!!

Love this stuff. Saves my ends all day! #dermorganic #totherescue

Happy 4th! Feeling blessed to be experiencing today here βœŒοΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ #NYC

Thanks for the memories. I’ve learned so much about myself within my short trip here. I’m eternally grateful for love, life, truth, & honesty. If there was ever anything I needed for myself, it was the unfortunate events that gave me purpose, drive, and the ability to appreciate what I have. Thank you #NY ✌️

Yep so today/tonight needs to be amazing! Any suggestions?

Adventures. πŸš‡ #NY

The level of Asian-ness in the picture is too much. Pero we love tho! @dannynoriega #tbt #rememberwhen #soasian #twiens #dannynoriega #loveforeverandever #idoldays

Give it up one time for that glorified mullet πŸ˜‚ #Tbt #ewl #thathairdoe #idoldays #americanidol #season7

He loves me more than any man has ever tried. Supports me through all my dreams and crazy ideas. Thank you for providing for us when times got tough and making sure I was always taken care of. Love you daddy! Happy Father’s Day😘